About Patriot Holdings

 a real estate private equity group

Founded by Jeremiah Boucher, Patriot Holdings, LLC and Patriot Properties Management, LLC are commercial real estate investment and management companies based in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Patriot Holdings is a real estate private equity group that invests in alternative commercial real estate assets, including manufactured home communities, self-storage facilities, and small bay industrial parks. With over $100M of assets under management (AUM) and decades of experience in the space, Patriot Holdings delivers exceptional returns to their investors. They manage the process of buying, operating, and improving properties in-house through the team of operational, capital improvement, and development specialists at Patriot Properties Management, LLC.

Patriot Opportunity Funds comprise the private equity investment arms of the company, currently raising capital for several opportunity funds that invest in mobile home parks, self-storage facilities, and small bay industrial parks.
With a proven track record of highly profitable investing in distressed property markets, Patriot Holdings, LLC creates outstanding performance and returns through a value-add strategy that maximizes forced appreciation and leverages the in-house experience of Patriot Properties Management.

Patriot Holdings’ vision is to grow its self-storage and manufactured housing portfolio to a total of over $1B in assets within the next five to ten years.

Our core strategy is a two-tiered approach . . .

1. All-Purpose Storage

The first approach is building the all-purpose storage brand throughout the Northeast region.

2. Patriot Properties Management

The second is investing in manufactured housing.

Our firm is designed around you, the investor.