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Finding your edge in commercial real estate investing is about digging deep, being creative, and ceaselessly looking for ways to get an advantage over your competition.

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Who is Jeremiah Boucher?

Jeremiah Boucher is a value investor who specializes in the acquisition and development of alternative commercial real estate assets. He learned the real estate business from the ground up and currently owns and operates a $200M-plus portfolio of high-performing commercial properties. He has had a hand in retail, office, industrial, multi-family, single-family, and all facets of commercial real estate, which is how he came to the conclusion that alternative commercial real estate assets are the highest performing, risk-averse investments. He has built his own private equity and real estate management and development company, Patriot Holdings.

Jeremiah’s interests:

  • Reading and education
  • Studying strategy
  • Health and fitness
  • Public speaking
  • New England Patriots team philosophy
  • Being outdoors
  • Creating a nonprofit with the focus of land conservation
  • Building hiking trails to ensure wildlife preservation

What is Patriot Holdings?

Jeremiah Boucher founded Patriot Holdings and has more than 20 years of experience in commercial real estate. They manage the process of buying, operating, and improving properties in-house through the team of operational, capital improvement, and development specialists at Patriot Properties Management, LLC. The mission of Patriot Holdings is to answer the question, “How do we create and add massive value?”
  • Focuses on alternative commercial real estate assets, including manufactured home communities, self-storage facilities, and small bay industrial parks
  • Manages over $100M in assets
  • Decades of experience in the space
  • Delivers exceptional returns to their investors

Finding Your Edge

If you want to grow your wealth by investing in commercial real estate, knowing how to choose properties or funds with great potential returns will save you years—even decades—of wasted time, energy, and effort. Real world strategies and techniques will give you the edge to compete and make great decisions.

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Testimonials & Featured Clients

I have known and worked with Jeremiah and Patriot Holdings for about five years now. I consider them to be amongst the top of the self storage industry in terms of being a great buyer to work with and tremendous owner/operators. Jeremiah and his team always follow through and do what they say they will do and are such a joy to work with. I have worked with them on both the selling and buying side and it has always been a tremendous process. I would strongly recommend Jeremiah and Patriot Holdings to self storage owners considering a sale.

Nathan Coe, Senior Vice President, The Hatcher Coe Group, Marcus & Millichap

Jeremiah is the American Dream personified. At every step, he has always been willing to make the sacrifices necessary to be successful. He is driven by integrity and innovation as he redefines what it means to have an edge. I am grateful that he takes us behind the scenes to understand what drives his incredible success in his book Finding Your Edge.

J.B. Bernstein, Business Agent for Barry Sanders, Barry Bonds, and Co-creator of the Million Dollar Arm

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