Meet Jeremiah

Founder of Patriot Holdings

Jeremiah Boucher is a value investor and the founder of Patriot Holdings LLC, and has specialized in the acquisition and development of alternative commercial real estate assets over the last 20 years. Coming from humble beginnings, growing up in Las Vegas and spending his summers working for his father’s paving company in New Hampshire, Jeremiah learned the real estate business from the ground up.

Jeremiah currently owns and operates a $200M-plus portfolio of high-performing commercial properties, ranging from manufactured home communities to self-storage facilities to industrial parks. He has spent his entire career in the real estate business, first by quitting college at the age of 20 and diving into the industry as a real estate agent and single-family residential investor. He pivoted into manufactured housing parks and helped build one of the largest manufactured housing funds in the country. Eventually he separated his assets from the fund and created his own private equity and real estate management and development company, Patriot Holdings.

With the help of his lifelong friend and business partner, Tim Wilkins, they’ve built a firm that cultivates “A” players, where every person in the organization has a vested interest in the performance of the company. The company culture is designed around the goal that each individual is enabled to reach his or her highest potential.

The company’s primary objective and the owner’s constant and burning obsession are focused on this one question: “How do we create and add massive value?” This never-ending pursuit drives creativity and innovation, and Patriot Holdings will not settle for status quo in any aspect of the CRE industry.

Jeremiah and Patriot Holdings work to continually find the edge in the marketplace and direct all energies and efforts to maximizing not only returns but value-add potential in all aspects of the business—for investors, company personnel and stakeholders, the residents and tenants of their properties, and the communities where they invest.